WHY TempTRIP? Managing Temperature & Data in Cold Chain Logistics

At TempTRIP, we understand that you choose products that will make your life easier, not products that get in the way. TempTRIP has designed our temperature monitoring systems to be as "unattended" as possible, while delivering accurate, useful information. That means you can relax more, knowing the results are there when you need them.

How do we do that? We do it with these straight-forward processes:

  • 1 TempTRIP starts with uniquely identified, wireless "tags" that continuously log temperature and humidity.
  • 2 Customers order them online so that we know the origin of every tag.
  • 3 We then leverage the TempTRIP gateway readers and/or phones and tablets to collect and send the results directly to the Cloud.
  • 4 At the Cloud, algorithms determine rules for permissions, sharing, appending and bracketing of data records, as well as ownership and Temperature Plans for each shipment or facility.
  • 5 TempTRIP also integrates with your data systems – ASN's, WMS, TMS, etc. – to get an accurate picture of each record.
  • 6 TempTRIP alerts the right personnel at every decision point with information they need about the products they're monitoring.
  • 7 With our system, TempTRIP, gives you powerful data reporting tools to analyze your products and operations over time.
TempTRIP company man showing off how easy to access the information is through the TempTRIP End2End app for temperature monitoring solutions

Over time, companies can build this data into useful information for improving the transport and storage conditions – and thus the effective lifetime – of the products in their supply chain. All data collected through the TempTRIP system is available in easy-to-understand ONLINE pages where companies can review, report, analyze and archive their results; all without installing any software because everything is in the Cloud.

TempTRIP emphasizes that the life of a perishable product includes many different segments of transportation and storage. After all, it's called a Cold Chain. Therefore, rather than treating temperature monitoring as an emergency service by fixing problems as they occur, TempTRIP includes data from ALL segments as products are transported and stored.


TempTRIP has been successful at building an easy-to-implement, affordable system that connects all segments in a product's life, stores historic data, and makes information easily accessible. Companies that are serious about protecting and extending the life of their products, while improving product quality can benefit greatly from TempTRIP's temperature monitoring technology.

Why Companies Choose TempTRIP

TempTRIP temperature monitoring for transport
Traditional Loggers RFID Solutions Cellullar Solutions
Inexpensive X
Remote Data Retrieval Capability X X
Secure Cloud Based Data Storage X
Long-Term Battery Life X
Custom Reporting and Analysis X
Real-Time Data* X X
Product Tracking X
Flexible Customized Temperature Plans X X X

*Available with In-Truck Cellular Gateways

END 2 END SOLUTIONS Monitoring every link in the chain from the field to the end user.

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