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Inbound Transport

This is the classic supplier-to-receiver model used throughout the grocery business and also the place where, traditionally, most temperature monitoring is required. We record and store all temperature tag ID's when they're sent to suppliers, so when they arrive at receivers, you will know where they came from (without any effort on your part).  You can even set incoming Temperature Plans by supplier location to automate that operation, making it as hands-off as possible.
Since all results are automatically sent to and stored in the Cloud -- and if the parties agree -- both the suppliers and receivers can see the results. And, speaking of suppliers, they have incoming raw materials that need to be monitored as well. TempTRIP can help you see how all the links in the chain can be monitored.

Outbound Transport

Why should temperature monitoring stop at the distribution center? Whether it's perishable food or critical pharmaceuticals, shouldn't monitoring continue to the retail store or pharmacy. Here at TempTRIP, we sure think so!

For companies with their own fleet of trucks and trailers, we affix temperature tags in multiple areas of the trailers. Cellular Gateways or Android tablets are placed in the truck cab to continually read and send data from the trailer tags to our Cloud system. Alternatively, Cellular Gateways can be placed at receiving locations, eliminating the need to have them in each truck.

As deliveries are made to multiple locations, temperature records are continually uploaded so up-to-date results can be reviewed at each stop. Our TempTRIP Android app even has a Route Delivery mode that can interface with transportation systems, measure multiple set points, and alert truck drivers with the results at each stop along the route.

forklift loading perishable goods for transportation
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Closed Loop

This mode occurs when a company controls both the origin and destination of a trip. This could be a restaurant or pharmacy distribution center delivering products to their own facilities or a food service company delivering to their customers. Like the Outbound mode, temperature readers can be in-cab or at the shipping facility where, upon the truck's return, all the temperature data is recorded. TempTRIP can't wait to work with you and help determine the best way to implement our solution in your operation!

END 2 END SOLUTIONS Monitoring every link in the chain from the field to the end user.

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