Temperature Tags The Workhorses

Our wireless temperature-logging tags are the "workhorses" of TempTRIP's system. You might even call them "dumb," but don't be fooled... they don't have to be too smart because our Cloud-based data system takes care of everything. Like good workhorses, the tags continually log temperatures, store them, and send them to the Cloud (when asked, politely and securely, by our readers). When data is shared, our Cloud system already knows the temperature tag's origin and receiving point; it knows what Temperature Plan to apply, when to append data, how to bracket it, and to whom the data should be shared. The result? You get accurate, secure, timely, and meaningful information -- with little human intervention -- shared to the right people at every decision point.
Temperature Tags for Temperature Monitoring
Temperature Tags for Temperature Monitoring

We may call them "dumb," but we still love our gadgets. Here are a few of their features:

  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5.0 communication to the readers
  • Accurate within +- 0.3 degrees Celsius
  • Powered by alkaline batteries
  • 5-year battery life
  • Definable logging intervals
  • Store thousands of data points
  • Linear and QR barcode labels
  • Water-resistant and waterproof models

QR Codes

Do you ever wonder why you (or your suppliers) are still using a Sharpie to write purchase order numbers onto temperature tags? Kind of silly in this day-in-age, isn't it? TempTRIP tags all have QR codes so you no longer have to do that! Simply scan the QR code with your smartphone and enter the information you want associated with the temperature tag. The data is stored, with the tag ID, securely in the Cloud so that anyone who has permission to see the tag's results can do so at any decision point along the transportation chain. The data is also easy to understand, so you always know what you're looking at.

Add important information to temperature tags at any time by simply scanning a tag’s QR code… no more hand-writing information on tags! Information can be added, using the QR code:

  • by suppliers at the origin of a shipment
  • by receivers at the end of a shipment
  • to a fixed tag to assign trailer ID, cooler ID, facility, etc.


Scan the TempTrip QR code


entering data to access temperature plans and records from TempTRIP's data monitoring system
The TempTRIP info page pops up and you enter your information.


sample of information found on the cloud through use of TempTRIP End2End temperature monitoring app
The information is stored securely in the Cloud.

Tag Readers Sending Temperatures to the Cloud

The TempTRIP Temperature Tags can be read a couple ways...

Cellular Gateways

When you look up "Plug-and-Play" in the dictionary, a picture of our Cellular Gateways should be right there! They communicate via cell directly to our Cloud system so all you have to do is mount them on the wall. Technically, if it's a metal wall, all you have to do is "let go" of the reader and our magnetic mounts take care of the rest. Yes, you do have to plug them in (it is plug-and-play, after all) but, even if you don't, the internal battery keeps the data-retrieving gateway running for two days, while you get your power sorted out. And speaking of plugging them in, our Cellular Gateways are powered via USB cable, AC adapter or solar panel, so they can be used for stationary use, in-transit use, or even in remote areas where no power is available.

cellular gateway used for reading temperature data from TempTRIP temperature tags

Gateways can be installed with or without waterproof enclosures, depending on the application.

Place Cellular Gateways at a guard gate, a dock door, a truck yard, or in a truck cab... it's all good. The super SIM's in the gateways determine the best cellular carrier for constant connectivity, anywhere there's cell coverage. There is no need to set up networks or get permission to use existing IT infrastructure... once again, just plug-and-play!

What happens when our temperature tags get within 200 feet of a gateway? All the logged data flows to the Cloud and automatically alerts you via email, text, or phone call, of any issues with the shipment or facility temperatures (or humidity). Our smart Cloud system always knows when to update temperature data while shipments sit in the yard and how to bracket that data into accurate, meaningful results. Isn't that what we all want?

Smart Phones or Tablets

Sometimes you just want to handle things yourself. That's where our TempTRIP phone app comes in. You can find tags, upload data, assign Temperature Plans, add information, and view the latest temperature records and alerts on any android device, whether it's a phone or a tablet. Download the TempTRIP End2End app on the Google Play Store and configure the app for shipping, receiving, or even unattended facility monitoring. You can use your own device or purchase one of our TempTRIP-enabled devices and let us handle the mobile device management (MDM) functions such as updates, configurations, reboots, and troubleshooting.

TempTRIP End2End app navigational example for data monitoring via the cloud
App Opening Screen
sample of temperature data found on TempTRIP End to End application
App Reading Tags
list of temperature tags seen through the TempTRIP End 2 End app
Tag List in App
straightforward results viewed in app for monitored temperature ranges compared to set temperature plans
Results in App
Temperature Monitoring graph data
Data Graph in App
in App view of sample data from TempTRIP's temperature monitoring tags

Cloud Data Analysis & Reporting Turning Information into Wisdom

"It's all about the data". At TempTRIP, we hear that a lot but, in this case, it couldn't be more true. And not just "data," but meaningful data obtained with minimal effort.
How does TempTRIP accomplish that? Since our temperature-logging tags are uniquely-identified, TempTRIP's system will know from which company and location they are sent, cross-docked, and received along with the dates and times. The process is actually a track-and-trace operation with temperatures as just one of the attributes.
But that's just the beginning... the TempTRIP smart system lets you decide, what Temperature Plan is applied based on incoming vendors and locations. And, if you have your own warehouse management system, TempTRIP ties our data to yours so the entire data record is complete!
Yes, any one of TempTRIP's competitors can show you a graph with temperatures, but ours goes the extra mile. The data is appended and bracketed based on your company and location rules. When you have multiple stops, the record accumulates and alerts receivers about any temperature excursions. And it's all hands-off!
But that's just the day-to-day, get-it-in-the-door stuff. What about all the "what-if-this?" and "how-about-that?" questions you need answered? TempTRIP has you covered there, too. First of all, the TempTRIP reporting system lets you easily design, configure, sort, filter, and save as many data reports as you need. You also have the option to download any of the data and run your own analysis. And, you can even apply different Temperature Plans to a record and see how it affects the alerts (but we never change the raw, underlying data).
TempTRIP also partnered with a major Business Intelligence company so we can provide flexible reports and graphics for your operation, customized just the way you need them.
TempTRIP temperature data monitoring manager with penguin mascot


Temperature Plans are TempTRIP’s way of allowing you to use a single temperature-logging tag for a variety of uses; it could be for frozen goods, fresh produce, room temperature pharmaceuticals, etc. But you don’t have to order different loggers, you simply select the applicable Plan online.

Plans are custom and can have any specification you need. They can be a simple high/low temperature warning or a series of detailed rules that align with targeted pathogens.

Yes, any one of TempTRIP's competitors can show you a graph with temperatures, but ours goes the extra mile. The data is appended and bracketed based on your company and location rules. When you have multiple stops, the record accumulates and alerts receivers about any temperature excursions. And it's all hands-off!

"FRESH" Temperature Plan

TempTRIP's EXAMPLE Temperature Plan, “Fresh”, includes groups with multiple rules per group.  The first group is “Safety” and it is set to monitor the minimum requirement for products to comply. Alerts are turned on so if a temperature logger shows products out of the set specific range, users will be alerted.

Temperature Plans for Product Freshness

The second group is focused on “Quality” and has tighter specifications. It  is used not just to comply, but to push the envelope in improving product quality. Real time alerts are turned off because this group is used as a management tool over time.

TempTrip monitors quality of perishable product
TempTrip monitors freeze damage of perishable product

The third group alerts for possible “Freeze Damage”. These specifications are used to alert users when fresh products get cold enough, for a long enough period of time to cause damage to the product.

TempTrip monitors freeze damage of perishable product

END 2 END SOLUTIONS Monitoring every link in the chain from the field to the end user.

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