company man at TempTRIP Temperature monitoring for Cold Chain Logistics

TempTRIP The Company

TempTRIP started as a Joint Venture with one of the world's largest packaging companies, Sealed Air Corporation. Team members have a long history with data collection and integration using industrial IOT, RFID, Bluetooth, cell, GPS, and Cloud systems development.

A lot of the early work done by TempTRIP team members was with farm-to-fork tracking and tracing of everything from dairy and meat to produce and pharmaceuticals. To that, TempTRIP added attributes such as temperature, humidity, and light detection to provide a complete picture of product conditions.

Many companies in our arena started as "gadget" companies, later shoehorning data and Internet into the mix. TempTRIP started as a data-centric company, sending results to the Cloud since its inception. Rather than data as an afterthought, TempTRIP starts with data and designs our temperature monitoring devices to "feed the system" with complete, easy-to-understand information for straightforward results.

END 2 END SOLUTIONS Monitoring every link in the chain from the field to the end user.

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