Grocery distribution centers and retail stores both benefit from TempTRIP's temperature and humidity sensors. Since they're wireless, economical, easily moved, and have long battery life, they're perfect for keeping up with new buildouts and the changing configurations of facilities.

Grocery Store and Supermarket temperature monitoring

We know there are some hardwired (expensive!) alternatives, but you'll be tickled to see how easy our temperature monitoring system is set up in your facility. And many times, existing sensors aren't in the places you need to monitor the temperature (we've seen hard-wired sensors in a frozen block of ice at the bottom of a cooler; ours will be at the top, checking the actual product temperature).

To complete an installation, retail stores will use one to three Cellular Gateways per facility; distribution centers typically need six to ten Gateways. Once set up, you can place temperature tags in as many areas as you need to monitor, and move them as needed.


TempTRIP tags currently monitor hundreds of pharmacy coolers and freezers for both temperature and humidity, making sure conditions are at optimum levels (and, of course, meeting regulations). Pharmacy personnel view their custom reports, but also get nagged by our automated phone calls when conditions go out of spec.
But facilities aren't the only use case for pharmacies and neither is the classic, mandated, monitoring of delivery from manufacturing to distribution. The real missing link in this chain is from pharmacy distribution centers to individual stores. TempTRIP believes you can't just monitor the first link in the chain... to really provide the best product, conditions need to be monitored all the way to retail end points. 
Temperature Monitoring of Pharmaceuticals
Data Center Temperature Monitoring


It's not just about food and pharma, either. TempTRIP temperature and humidity sensors are also utilized in several large computer data centers. We send readings to our custom data center gateways, and then interface with their facility software to monitor energy needs in order to adjust environmental conditions.

END 2 END SOLUTIONS Monitoring every link in the chain from the field to the end user.

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