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TempTRIP temperature monitoring for transport

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WIRELESS. REUSABLE. CLOUD-BASED.​ Managing Temperature & Data in Cold Chain Logistics

TempTRIP offers a system that makes continual Temperature Monitoring easier than ever before. TempTRIP manufactures wireless temperature-logging "tags" that are inexpensive, reusable and have a five-year battery life. But, most importantly, TempTRIP offers an effective system of identifying, retrieving, and transferring temperature results to a Client's secure page via the Cloud. Your Data is always readily accessible for Regulatory Compliance.

As TempTRIP tags are attached to products, pallets, trucks, and trailers, the unique ID of the tag and product are linked electronically. As the tags travel with the perishable goods, temperature results can be extracted at any decision point without ever having to remove the TempTRIP tag. Throughout the journey of the perishable product, temperature results are accumulated and used to accurately calculate the amount of life left in that product. You will know if those strawberries have ten or only five days left. You'll know if a drug is still efficacious or if it's time to discard it. 

Keeping Perishable Goods Fresh, Safe and Sustainable End to End Cold Chain Management

Temperature fluctuations during storage and distribution reduce shelf life. That means decreased quality, increased waste and higher safety risk. We all pay the price – product spoils… brands suffer… profitability shrinks… and prices soar.
TempTRIP addresses all of these problems through continuous temperature monitoring. TempTRIP provides an end-to-end cold-chain management solution to improve food safety, reduce waste, eliminate costs and protect your brand.

delivery cold chain graphic showing the transportation process that perishable good go through and how TempTRIP records temperature information

Why Companies Choose TempTRIP

TempTRIP temperature monitoring for transport
Traditional Loggers RFID Solutions Cellullar Solutions
Inexpensive X
Remote Data Retrieval Capability X X
Secure Cloud Based Data Storage X
Long-Term Battery Life X
Custom Reporting and Analysis X
Real-Time Data* X X
Product Tracking X
Flexible Customized Temperature Plans X X X

*Available with In-Truck Cellular Gateways

END 2 END SOLUTIONS Monitoring every link in the chain from the field to the end user.

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