TempTRIP Tags

Smart Antenna Reader

TempTRIP Tags

Temperature-Logging Tags

Our RFID temperature tags use ultra high frequency (UHF, Gen2, Class 1) to communicate wirelessly to readers that send the results directly to the Internet.

Our UHF tags have the following specifications and benefits:
Battery life: Up to 5 years
Temperature Logging Intervals: Selectable, from 1/minute to 1/day
Temperature Accuracy: +- 0.2° C at normal temperature range
Increased accuracy with individual tag calibration option
Time Accuracy: <0.5% error (determined at 5° C)
Temperature Range: - 30° to +50° C
Dimensions: 86mm x 54mm x 3mm
Water Resistance: IP65 or NEMA 4
Wirelessly read and write data
Store temperature configurations and product specifications
Low Cost (consumable or reusable)

Our RFID Smart Antenna readers have the following specifications and benefits:
Size of a deck of cards
Ethernet or WiFi-connected
LED Alarm indications
No computer needed -- direct to Internet
Low Cost